Scholarship opportunities for Camp S’dei Chemed.
Ever since the beginning it has always been a priority of S’dei Chemed to try to keep our tuition for camp as low as possible and to compare with Camps in the states. Running a summer camp in Eretz Yisroel is quite expensive as tickets themselves are close to $2000 (summer prices). As the situation in Israel improves so does tourism, and thanks to that, buses, gas, food and hotels are all at the highest rates. Add to this the shekel is doing well and the dollar is not. There is good news. Jewish federations around the US are willing to subsidize part of the cost. Scholarships are given for financial reasons or merit based. Some scholarships require some basic community volunteer work as in Israel advocacy. Last year camp received thousands of dollars in scholarships to assist many campers in being able to afford camp. The federations are more then happy to give out these monies and we should feel free to take advantage. Camp tries to diversify the scholarships and will limit some scholarships to one student per grade/school.
Camp also offers special discounts for Bar/Bat Mitzvah age campers and 17-18 year olds (SA’s)
Link for UJA Scholarships
Link for S’dei Chemed scholarship form