Camp Sdei Chemed recommends purchasing all toiletries and towels in Israel to help with our limited luggage allowance. Please use this link for more information...

This page is to make it easier to find the items you might wish to buy for the summer.
Most of these items are not a necessity. Please check the packing list for that information.
These products are well rated and very well priced. A lot of time and past experience went into finding these items for your convenience.
Camp makes a percentage profit as a referral link, as long as you purchase anything from their website after using any links below (within 24 hours) even if its not something from this page. We appreciate you patronage ūüôā Please contact us ¬†with any suggestions or comments you may have so we can improve this page.

Hydration packs (must be 100 oz for Sdei Chemed Campers)

Use this link for great priced Hydration Packs by Sunny Sports  

Hydration pack  accessories    

Life Jackets (No need to purchase, camp provides on for you)

Water-shoes – You are required to wear water-shoes when entering the kineret and Eilat or any hike that has water in it. You can buy a cheap pair or go for a hybrid that you can also hike with, then you dont need to carry two pairs with you.

Hooded Sweater

Remember, you need to keep the weight under 50 pounds. These duffels are good because they can collapse when you don’t need them. The Sigma is probably more robust. Overweight luggage will cost you a fortune, the luggage scale might just help.

Money Belt

Cameras , The Panasonic Lumix cameras are the best deals right now and the Panasonic Lumix Rugged/Waterproof Digital Camera is great for hiking and swimming.

Waterproof cases.
To keep your electronics and phone dry during water hikes. Underwater camera adapters.

Or look for your specific camera here Underwater Camera Cases


Sunscreen (Spray on), Cosmetic bag, mini travel sewing kit. Combination locks can come in handy for closets and suitcases.

Transformers and Adapters for Israel:

Important, please read first
If you want to use your electronic devices operated with a rechargeable battery (such as your iPhone, cell phone, ipod, ipad, laptop PC, digital camera) in another country like Israel, where the household power supply is at 220/240V, you don’t need to bother, because nearly all these electronic products are designed today to be completed with a battery charger suitable for a voltage range from 100V to 240V, in other words, people carry these electronic items and travel around in the world so these items should work properly anywhere at any level of voltage. Whatever you have and wish to use in a foreign country, just carefully check the marking on the battery charger about the voltage rating … if the voltage rating is printed or embossed as “100-240V”, then don’t worry, simply connect the power plug to a socket to charge the battery after you get to the destination. I also brought with me two laptop PC’s, a cell phone and an SRL digital camera from China (at 220/240V) and have been using them here in the U.S. (at 110V) for almost half a year … everything is okay as perfectly as they worked in China, because the battery chargers can work at any voltage from 100V to 240V. ¬†
However, if you want to use an ELECTRICAL item operated under alternating current (like a hair dryer, steam iron), you will need such a converter, so that your electrical item for 110V can be used at a foreign voltage 220/240V. If you don’t, your electrical item will get burned from a voltage break-through. Some products sold in the U.S. are completed with a rechargeable battery (electrical toothbrushes, for example), but the voltage rating of the battery charger is subject to 110V, meaning that the battery can be charged at 110V only in the U.S.. So if you need to use such an electrical item outside the U.S., you should also ask for such a converter.

Do not buy cheap converters even if they say for high wattage or voltage. You will break your device and will cause a power outage in the building!

 Voltage transformer
These adapter plug modifies electrical outlet, does not change the voltage!
(4 pounds, less powerful)
(8 pounds, more powerful)

Sleeping bag (You do not need to purchase your own as camp provides one for the overnight).

Flashlight is important for overnight.

Water sports (Eilat)

Tisha B’av, Artscroll Kinnos ,¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pocketsize Tehilim for davening at Kevarim ,¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pocketsize Tanach to take with you on tours.



Camp S’dei Chemed Apparel!

Each campers gets one free T-shirt. You can purchase more if you like.