Wednesday, June 26, 2013 – Arrival

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got to telzstone, mickey and yoni were there already, put my stuff down, called shua, went to check out the place, they did this really crusty renovation job where they basically added walls by stairs, which made a hall in front of rooms that looked like a prison hallway, and made the top floor into a beis medrash, and the bottom floor into a kitchen/dining room. We sat around on top floor chilling, shmoozing, eventually me n mickey went out to get paninis by nearby basement makolet, 15 shek for a beget with cheese, onions, and sauces, toasted, they were pretty good, at about 2:30 shua came by with mofe, brought pizza, then we took camp bus to the airport, during ride shua briefed us about schedules and stuff, mickey invented undermining, when you call out a counselor for putting down another staff member, we brought 2 luchos we found in the beis medrash, when we got to the airport, waited like 5 minutes and they started coming out, I did the moses thing and held luchos way above my head, after about ten minutes, everyone was out, the first thing we did as a camp was cheer a random guy walking out and pretend he was a celebrity, congratulate him, then we took bags back to the bus, got on and headed out to the kotel, when we got there, r adelman (who we picked up on the way) spoke about the amazingness of the kotel and how close we would feel by the end of the summer, people stopped to hear him speak, this chinese guy kept interrupting and eventually gave r adelman a chinese flag, we davened mincha, then wrote notes to put inside the kotel, waited on top of ramp,
the archbishop of canterbury was there, shua took a pic w him, he was dressed in pink robes, had a whole entourage, then we took a camp picture, headed back to camp, sat in circle and did orientation, I got bunk 1, yehuda teitelbaum and little mickey g and three kunstler brothers (two twins and one older), shaya, avi, and avishai, michael ouzzan is jc/roommate, supper was shnitzel and wings, got settled, davened maariv, got a camp t shirt n sunglasses n stickers n bag, got set up, met my kids a little, learned laining, went to sleep at like 1:30

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